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Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005

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The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act was passed in 2005. Its goal is to make Ontario accessible for people with disabilities by 2025. This law sets the standards that help people with disabilities participate fully in their communities. Ontario now has mandatory accessibility standards in 5 areas of daily life:

To find out more on the Accessibility Action Plan go to AccessON or visit the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment & Infrastructure.

Minden Hills Policy #60 – Accessibility for Customer Service

We are committed to providing exceptional and accessible service for all of our customers. Goods and services will be provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence to all customers.  Policy #60-Accessibility & Customer Service outlines the provision of services to persons with disabilities that will be integrated wherever possible.  Persons with disabilities will be given an opportunity equal to that given to others, to obtain, use or benefit from the goods and services provided by and on behalf of the Township.

Feedback Process

Feedback from the public is welcomed as it may identify areas that require change and encourage continuous service improvements. Feedback from a member of the public about the delivery of goods and services to persons with disabilities may be given by telephone, in person, in writing or in electronic format. You are encouraged to use the following:

Feedback is directed to the Township Clerk to be logged, investigated and reported through an annual reporting process. Staff within the Clerk’s Department will respond immediately to all queries relating to accessibility concerns.

As the Accessibility Coordinator, the Township Clerk will respond either in writing, in person, by e-mail or telephone, to acknowledge receipt of feedback and will set out the action to be taken in response to any complaints.

The Clerk’s Department may be contacted in person or in writing to 7 Milne Street, PO Box 359, Minden, Ontario, K0M 2K0 or by the following methods:

Telephone 705-286-1260
Fax 705-286-4917
Email: admin@mindenhills.ca


Hydro One

Hydro One offers a specialized service where you can register yourself as a sensitive customer and obtain a “Vital Services” package. If you qualify, this package provides you with priority status in an outage and may also provide a discount(s) on services if you meet Hydro One’s requirements on in home use of a medical device. Please visit the Hydro One website at www.hydroone.com or call 1-888-664-9376 to find out more.


Ontario Provincial Police Self Reporting

The OPP is pleased to announce the expansion of the citizen self-reporting program and the new capacity to receive emergency calls for service via Text with 911 (T9-1-1) from people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired (DHHSI) and for which the OPP is the Primary Public Safety Answering Point (P-PSAP).

The OPP’s Citizen Self Reporting is an easy to use internet reporting tool that provides members of the public with the option of reporting minor incidents to police by completing an online report on their computer or mobile device.

Please visit the Ontario Provincial Police website and the media release on Text with 911 initiative for more information.


Planning Accessible Events

If you are planning and/or organizing a community event such as a wedding, bingo or fair, the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure provides a Planning Accessible Events booklet for quick tips on how to plan your event so that guests with disabilities will feel welcome.



The Haliburton County Community Transportation Hub can help connect you to transportation options that meet your needs so that you can more fully explore, participate in and enjoy life in the Haliburton Highlands. Whether you need a ride to get to an appointment, pick up groceries or attend an event, we can help match you with services that meet your transportation needs.