Township of Minden Hills 2016 Budget Process

The 2016 budget process for the Township of Minden Hills began with a preliminary discussion with Council during the Council meeting held on November 26, 2015. Recognizing a 26.58% increase in Policing costs over 2015; Staff were asked to work towards a 0% increase (where possible), and to prepare a first draft of the 2016 budget for consideration and discussion.

The preliminary first draft was initially reviewed by the Reeve, the CAO/Treasurer, the respective Departmental Chair, and the respective Department Head on January 5, 2016.

Subsequent to this, the first draft, which included an overall increase of 15.11%, was provided to the Budget Standing Committee on January 28th, 2016. Further changes, including the removal of capital projects and a reduction to the overall Cultural Centre operations, decreased the levy increase to 9.837%, and this draft was presented to the Budget Standing Committee on February 16th, followed by a Public meeting on February 25th.

On March 10th the 2016 budget, including the Estimates By-Law #16-31, was approved by resolution of Council. Further to this, the By-Law to Authorize the Levying of Rates of Taxation (#16-55) was approved on May 26th, 2016.


An Important Fact Regarding Your Tax Dollars

The Municipal portion of your tax billing includes an amount for OPP (Ontario Provincial Police). In 2016 this has been estimated and requisitioned at $1,859,280, or 15.02% of the Township’s total budgeted expenditures.

The 2016 budget summary and associated charts, including 2015 comparative numbers, can be viewed from the following link:


2016 Assessment, Rates and Taxes Raised

The 2016 final Municipal taxation levy of $6,901,905 represents a 9.837% or $618,145 increase over the 2015 levy.
This includes $391,801 or 6.235% for increased Policing (OPP) costs, $59,070 or .94% in growth and $167,274 or 2.662% for inflation.

2015 levy


Levy Allocation Summary across all property classes:

Levy Allocation


6 Year Historical Rates:

6 years of historical rates, including County, School Board and Special Area can be viewed from the following links:

In 2016, every dollar of full residential and commercial taxes billed will be allocated as follows:Res-Comm 2016

The following summary outlines six (6) years of residential tax rates, also depicted in the related line chart:


resspecial area2


2016 Capital Projects

Significant maintenance projects and planned capital projects for 2016, including the related source of funding, can be viewed from the following link:


2016 Transfers to/from Reserves and Reserve Funds

Transfers to and from reserves and reserve funds for 2016, including the related project or expenditure, can be viewed from the following link:

For further information regarding the 2016 budget and/or budget process, please contact the Treasury Department at: 705-286-1260 Ext. 0.


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