Township of Minden Hills 2018 Budget Process

The 2019 budget process for the Township of Minden Hills began on January 3, 2019 with preliminary discussions with the Mayor, the CAO/Treasurer, the respective Departmental Chair, and the respective Department Head.

Minor adjustments to these first round discussions resulted in a first draft, which included a 17.638% increase in the municipal levy. This draft was presented to the Budget Standing Committee on January 24, 2019.

Subsequent to this, the second draft, which included approximately $842,500 in net expenditure reductions; and an overall increase of 7%, was provided to the Budget Standing Committee on February 14th, 2019. Included in this reduction was approximately $550,000 in Road construction, resurfacing and capital expenditures; as well as a reduction in capital projects and contribution to reserves in the Community Services Department of approximately $225,000.

Further changes, including a reduction in contribution to reserves, (that will be converted to a debenture payment upon completion of the S.G. Nesbitt Community Centre Renewal Project), an increase in OMPF funding; and the partial reinstatement of Road resurfacing projects, reserve contributions (Community Services) and property maintenance requirements resulted in a further decrease in the 2019 levy and an overall levy increase (vs. 2018) of 6.48%. These changes were presented to the Budget Standing Committee on March 14th and at the Public meeting held on March 28, 2019.

On April 11th the 2019 budget, including the Estimates By-Law #19-49, was approved by resolution of Council. Further to this, the By-Law to Authorize the Levying of Rates of Taxation (#19-68) was adopted on May 30th, 2019.

All reports and draft by-laws reviewed and discussed at these meetings can be viewed from the following link: FilePro Document Center

An Important Fact Regarding Your Tax Dollars

The Municipal portion of your tax billing includes an amount for OPP (Ontario Provincial Police).  In 2019 this amount has been estimated and requisitioned at $1,918,220, or 9.78% of total expenditures and 22.75% of the municipal tax levy.

The March 28, 2019 public meeting and final budget reports, which included the following summaries, can be viewed from the links noted below. Readers are encouraged to review this information in order to obtain a full understanding of the 2019 budget and budget process.

March 28, 2019 Final Budget Reports

  • Executive Summary
  • Report #1 Detail (Line-by-Line) Budget Report
  • Report #2 Department Head Summary
  • Report #3 Departmental Summary
  • Report #4 Revenue/Expense Summary
  • Report #5 Functional Summary
  • Report #6 Departmental Summary-7 Year Budget Comparison
  • Report #7 Transfers to/from Reserves
  • Report #8 Major R&M and Capital Projects
  • Report #9 Assessment Comparison
  • Report #10 2019 Tax Rate Calculation
  • Report #11 Tax Comparison-Sample Roll No’s

Consolidated version of the 2019 Budget

The following pie charts provide a departmental summary of 2019 Revenues and Expenditures:

2019 Budget Expenditures2019 Budget Revenues

The following two bar charts compare 2019 vs. 2018 budgeted Revenues and Expenditures:

2019 vs 2018 Budget Revenues2019 vs 2018 Budget Expenditures

The following charts and summary outline the percentage allocation (Municipal, County and Education), as well the percentage increase, for 2018 and 2019 residential and commercial tax rates.

Residential and Commercial Tax Rates



2019 Residential Tax Rate Chart2019 Commercial Tax Rate Chart

The following summaries and charts display the change in Municipal, County and Education residential and commercial tax rates from 2014 to 2019. Municipal rates remained relatively stable from 2014 to 2015. 2016 to 2019 indicate a steady increase, as a result of changes in policing costs and other municipal requirements, including roads and landfills.


6 year residential rate comparison chart



6 year commercial rate comparison chart

For further information regarding the 2019 budget and/or budget process, please contact the Treasury Department at:
705-286-1260 Ext. 0.

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