Lochlin Community Centre Advisory Committee


The next meeting has been scheduled for October 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Lochlin Community Centre.

To view the Lochlin Community Centre Advisory Committee’s agenda and minutes for past and current meetings, please click the “View Agenda/Minutes” button below:


Mission Statement:

The Lochlin Community Centre and Park is the fulcrum of community heritage with a focus on celebration and recreation for family and friends. The board is committed to maintaining this gathering place for the use and enjoyment of this, and future generations, with a goal for the centre’s viability and self sufficiency within the Municipality. (Lochlin Community Centre and Park to be referred to as Lochlin Community Centre)


The Lochlin Community Centre Advisory Committee will advise the Township of Minden Hills Council in the following:

  • Development of facilities; provide annual estimates for the coming year prior to municipal budget.
  • Engage necessary trades for any capital works and/or provide any maintenance necessary in the day-to-day operation of the facility to keep the building, fixtures and grounds in good order and condition, in conjunction with the Environment and Property Operations Manager.
  • Make recommendations concerning the operation/rental of the facility and to promote fundraising activities to offset expenditures.
  • Provide and promote community recreation and events for all ages.
  • Conduct regular public board meetings following standard agenda and providing minutes for members and council for approval.
  • All petty cash and monies raised, to be kept account by the member of the board elected as treasurer. These funds will be for the express sole use of the Lochlin Community Centre, within Minden Hills Municipality Budget accounting system.
  • Hold elections for the executive at the beginning of each new term of council.


Sue Little
Nancy McPherson
Linda Schrader
Angelica Ingram

Staff Resource: Director of Community Services

Council Representative: Councillor Neville