Village Master Plan

Village of Minden Hills Master Plan

AECOM Canada Ltd. was retained by the Township of Minden Hills in May 2012 to prepare a Village Development Master Plan for Minden. The Village Development Master Plan identifies a vision for the community to improve the aesthetics and function for property owners, business owners, residents and visitors. The development concepts include a broad range of elements, features, and amenities for improvements throughout the Village, while maintaining the feel and character of the area and the overall identity and image of Minden.

MindenVDMP – 1 Context Plan – Feb14_2013

MindenVDMP – 2 Signage Plan – Feb14_2013

MindenVDMP – 3 Parking Route Classification – Feb14_2013

MindenVDMP – 4 Existing Intersection and Traffic – Feb14_2013

MindenVDMP – 5 Preferred Intersection Traffic Plan – Feb14_2013

MindenVDMP – 6 Bridge Alternatives – Feb14_2013

MindenVDMP – 7 Downtown Park Facility Fit – Feb14_2013