By-law Information

General information as well as copies of our Municipal By-laws may be obtained from the Permit Clerk/Municipal Law Enforcement Officer in the Building/Bylaw/Planning Department by:

Phone:        705-286-1260 ext. 511

Fax:            705-286- 6005


Or in person at 7 Milne Street, Minden (entrance off of Pritchard Lane)

Dog Tags

Dog Tag Application Form

All dogs within the geographic limits of the Corporation shall be registered by their owners whose permanent municipal address is within the Township, except owners whose permanent address is outside of the Township and who have legally registered and licenced their dogs in another Municipality for the current year.

By-law Complaints

Filing a Complaint:

All complaints under a by-law must be submitted to the By-Law Department in writing, either hard copy or via email with the complainants contact information, nature of alleged complaint and return contact. All personal information is collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For all other complaints, please use the Complaint Form.  Any form that is not filled out in its entirety will be considered incomplete.  The By-law Department cannot act on any incomplete form.

Complaints are confidential until such time as the complainant may be asked to testify in support of the complaint.

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers

The Municipal Law Enforcement Officers have a variety of responsibilities including the enforcement of parking, animal control, noise complaints, and property standards. Other by-laws which impose regulations on the general public are also enforced.

Enforcable By-law Index:

Bikes and Skateboards on Sidewalks Complaint Form – General
Noise Complaint Form – Noise
Parking and Disabled Person Parking Complaint Form – General
Property Standards Complaint Form – Property
Refreshment Vehicles Complaint Form – General
Dogs and Kennels Complaint Form – General
Transient Traders or Peddlers Complaint Form – General