Requesting a Delegation with Council

Individuals or groups wishing to appear before Council, at a Regular Council meeting, or a Committee of the Whole/General Committee, shall advise the Clerk, or his or her designate, in writing of the general nature of the business and provide a copy of the written submission/presentation no Iater than 12:00 noon on the eleventh 11th business day prior to the meeting.

The Clerk or, his/her designate, shall place the individual(s) name and presentation, once approved, on the public agenda.

That persons appearing before Council at a regular meeting, or Committee of the Whole/General Committee, shall be limited in speaking to not more than ten (10) minutes.

A delegation consisting of more than five (5) persons shall be limited to two (2) speakers, who shall be restricted to speaking for no more than fifteen (15) minutes in total.

Presenters appearing before Council who have previously appeared before the same Council on the same subject shall be limited to providing only new information in their second or subsequent appearances.

No delegation shall:

• Speak disrespectfully of any person
• Use improper or non-parliamentary language
• Speak on any subject other than the subject for which they have received approval to address Council or a Committee

No delegation shall speak to Council about matters:

• Involving insurance claims
• Involving current or pending litigation
• Involving matters with respect to labour management disputes or issue, unless provided for by legislation or collective agreement
• Beyond the jurisdiction of Council; or
• Contrary to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).

If you would like more information, or to request a delegation with Council please contact the Clerk’s office at 705-286-1260 or email