Call for Applications to the 2018 Community Grant/Fee Waiver Program

What is it?
The Community Grant/Fee Waiver Program (Policy#91) provides for community groups and organizations within the Municipality to make application for limited financial assistance in support of activities or special events, in recognition of the value these groups bring to life in the community.

How to apply:
– All interested persons/organizations must complete an application form outlining the purpose of the activity and related organizational information. These forms can be downloaded from this page by clicking the link below or picked up at the Township Administration or Community Services Department offices.
– All interested persons/organizations are encouraged to submit their requests to the Community Services Department by October 31st, for consideration in the 2018 budget process.

To submit an application or for more information on this program, please contact Mark Coleman, Director of Community Services at 705-286-1936 x 201.

Policy 91 Being a Policy for the Community Grant – Fee Waiver Program