For up to date information on Hydro One Service Disruptions in Ontario, visit the Hydro One Storm Center.

For tips on how to keep your household safe and what to have within your emergency kit, please visit Ontario’s Emergency Preparedness.


Winter Threat:

This season brings in winter sports and festive events, but also ice, snow, and cold winds. The winter weather poses a risk for slips and falls so it is important to maintain your entryway. Sand is available to residents from the S.G. Nesbitt Arena, located at 55 Parkside Street, Minden. The local radio stations provides a good source of information about weather and road conditions.

The cold weather also affects your animals so it is advised to limit your pets exposure during severe weather conditions. Drive for the road conditions and use your headlights when appropriate. White and grey cars become harder to see during winter driving and may have to use their vehicle’s lighting system more often.


Summer Threat:

The risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion & stroke, and sunburns rises.  Be sure to protect yourself while enjoying the outdoors by drinking water, wearing hats, and applying sunscreen frequently.  Remember that pets need protection too, so be sure to provide a lot of water and shade for them to escape the heat, and never leave your pet unattended in a vehicle.

Health Unit tips to beat the heat:

Take advantage of our many area beaches and cool drinks and treats from our area businesses to help you cool down.
Beaches are regularly tested by the area’s health unit and can be viewed by visiting the HKPR Health Unit website.


Fall Threat:

During the fall months, the weather can drastically change from day to day.  Be prepared by having the necessary items ready in your car and home.  Make the necessary preparations to heat your home, such as having wood available or ensuring your tanks are filled, and move items away from heat sources.  It is better to prepare for the cold weather before it arrives, so any issues that arise can be addressed.

Keep an ice scraper in your car along with a pair of mitts or gloves.  Consider installing winter tires to have better control while driving.  Other items recommended to keep in your car all year long include a flashlight, blanket, and jumper cables.