Who do I contact about Cell Phone Towers?

For comments or inquiries regarding cell phone towers, please contact the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Support Centre

Where are the municipal offices located and how can I contact them?

The municipal Administration Office is located at 7 Milne Street, Minden Ontario. The main entrance is off Pritchard Lane and is fully accessible.  For general inquiries, please call 705-286-1260 where you will be directed to the appropriate department.

Who do I contact for general administration?

For general administration information please visit the Staff Directory page of our website.

Who do I contact for Building and By-law Issues?

For building and By-law issue information please the Building and Bylaw Department webpage.

Who do I contact for Treasury and property taxes?

For Treasury and property tax comments or inquiries, please the Finance and Tax Department webpage.

Who do I contact for Landfill or Water/Wastewater information?

For questions related to recycling, please contact the Public Works Department at 705-286-3144 or email moates@mindenhills.ca.

It is in the interest of society as a whole and of the Municipality, and its ratepayers in particular, that the amount of waste material generated by private citizens and businesses be reduced; that wherever possible such materials be re-used or recycled; that the environment be protected from contamination by hazardous substances; and that the lifetime of existing and future Sanitary Landfill Sites be extended.  The use of clear bags and recycling are mandatory.  For a list of recycling material accepted at our landfill sites, contact the Public Works Department at 705-286-3144.

Who do I contact for general, non-emergency, Fire related issues?

For non-emergency, Fire comments or inquiries, please contact Deanna Smith, General Clerical Assistant at 705-286-1260 ext. 212.

Who do I contact for Planning and Development?

For Planning and Development comments or inquiries, please contact Donna Sisson, General Clerical Assistant at 705-286-1260 ext. 209.

When are the tax bills levied for the Municipality?

Bills are sent out, twice a year, and each bill has two (2) installments.  Installments are usually due March, May, July and September.

Where can I pay my Tax Bill?

Taxes may be paid by the Telephone Banking Services of the CIBC, Bank of Montreal, TD Canada Trust Bank, Royal Bank or Bank of Nova Scotia. You may also pay your taxes in person at the Municipal Office, using the Pritchard Lane entrance or mail your payment to our postal address, or via preauthorized payment.  If you require a receipt, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. With the preauthorized payment plan method, installment amounts are taken from your bank account on the due dates. All that is required is to fill out the authorization form and send it in with a void cheque, at least two (2) weeks before the next installment due date. Faxed copies are acceptable. Account must be in good standing with no overdue balances to participate.

Are post-dated cheques accepted?
Yes. Please contact the Finance Department at 705-286-1260 ext. 200 to obtain full details.

When are water and sewer charges levied for the Village of Minden?

Meters are read quarterly and bills are issued which reflect the water meter readings.

How do I book the Arena or other Community Centre facilities?

For facility booking information please telephone (705) 286-1936 or email communitycentrebookings@mindenhills.ca

Where is the local library?

The Minden branch of the Haliburton County Library is located at 174-176 Bobcaygeon Road, Minden and you may contact them directly at (705) 286-2491 or the visit the Haliburton County Public Library website.