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Whether you are a young family or retired, Minden Hills is the perfect place to reside.  Rich in tradition, the township provides strong family values and appreciation of the great outdoors.  As a vibrant and bustling community which strives to ignite the passions of art, music and the environment, we encourage you to enjoy every experience Minden Hills has to offer.

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Ontario Travel’s 2008-2009 Great Fall Drives publication included Minden Hills in two of their recommended routes due to the beautiful fall colours and easy access to other communities.
Cottage Life promoted the area in their “The Market Valued” article from their March, 2003 edition, which praised the area for its large number of lakes, undeveloped and protected land, and more affordable costs than other popular cottage countries.  An online Cottage Life article from March 2007 entitled “26 Ontario cottage regions”, promoted the natural beauty and peacefulness that is found in the area and the growth that has taken place over the past 30+ years.