The Township of Minden Hills has four operational cemeteries located throughout the Township.

Cemetery Office is located at 55 Parkside Street, Minden.

Minden Cemetery
200 Bobcaygeon Road
Directions: North on Bobcaygeon Road, past the Minden Fairgrounds.
Minden Cemetery is the largest cemetery within the township residing just outside the Village of Minden. Spanning several acres and backing into a forest, this cemetery supports both traditional burials and columbaria cremations.

Bethel Cemetery
1162 Bethel Road
Directions: North on Hwy 35, turn East (right) onto Horseshoe Lake Road, turn East (right) again onto Bethel Road.
Bethel is our smallest cemetery with graves dating back over 100 years. A beautiful log church resides on the property offering a historic charm to this quiet site.

Twelve Mile Cemetery
1112 Chambers Road
Directions: North on Hwy 35, turn West (left) onto Omagaki Road, turn North (right) onto Chambers Road.
Twelve Mile Cemetery features a picturesque view of Twelve Mile Lake and sits next to a church of the same name. The cemetery offers both traditional burials and a beautiful columbaria for cremations.

Gelert Cemetery
1052 Cemetery Road (formerly Station Road)
Directions: East on South Lake Road, turn South (right) onto Gelert Road (County Road 1), turn East (left) onto Cemetery Road.
Gelert Cemetery is set in a rural location next to an old railway line. With mature trees lining the back of the property, the cemetery offers a tranquil atmosphere.