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2017 Programming




April 23
Earth Day

Community Garbage Pickup
Garbage bags available at Nature’s Place. Full bags can be returned to the parking lot area during the day until 6:00 pm.
Blue Dot Campaign update and activities.

May 1 to May 30
Bird Photography Exhibition
by Dan Busby

As a professional Ornithologist and wildlife biologist, Dan’s career focused on wildlife conservation, species at risk and environmental assessment. Photography always played an important role in how he sees wildlife: it promotes a deeper understanding of their unique, and often unseen, behaviours, beauty and, sometimes, their incredible resilience. Through his photography Dan aims to convey what one might otherwise not see and help to forge a respect that may otherwise be absent.

No subjects are ever harmed, harassed or abused. Dan strives to achieve a high level of technical skill that blends with intimate views into the life of animals that live beside us and beyond. He has photographed nature all over North America and has undertaken expeditions into remote parts of Ecuador and Costa Rica. Future expeditions are always being planned but the endless richness and diversity at our Haliburton Highlands doorstep conspires to keep him here!

Dan’s photographs are made using the latest in professional digital photographic and printing equipment. Each image, whether a traditional paper-under-glass, a canvas stretch or a metal print is individually produced and is made using the finest archival materials.

May 29 – July 31
Seeds in Disguise (touring from ROM)

Explore the ordinary . . .

Seeds are all around us: we eat them; we plant them; they parachute from dandelions; they catch in the dog’s coat or on your socks; they drop from the trees; and sometimes they even hang around your neck. This exhibition features ornamental seeds “disguised” as beads in jewellery, trinkets and ornaments.

Seeds, like people, have many interesting facets to their complex biology. Travel, chemistry, medicine, and industry are part of the stories of the ornamental seeds in this exhibition. Beware – some seeds are dangerous!

Visitors will have opportunities to try activities.

This exhibition is a delight for all ages and levels of interest, from the curious child, to the backyard botanist, to the seasoned hiker, and everyone in between.                        

June 1 – Sept 10
On the Trail of the Monarch Butterfly
Nature’s Place

Touring exhibition produced by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexica.
Through microphotographic images and spectacular aerial photographs, join Mexican filmmaker and pilot Francisco ‘Vico’ Gutierrez as he follows the monarch’s amazing journey, in his ultralight, from Montreal, Canada, to the mountains of central Mexico. Exhibition includes hands-on activities for all ages.