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July 20, 2013-Dec. 20, 2013

15 Wetlands Poster


April 20, 2013-July 20, 2013

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Royal Ontario Museum Traveling Exhibitions


BACK WORDS: Short Story Contest sponsored by the Haliburton ECHO/MINDEN TIMES and R.D. Lawrence Place

Join us to hear stories by the entrants and the winning submissions. Admission is by donation to this fun event.
The Back Words contest is an allusion to the beautiful back woods country here in the Haliburton Highlands. Entrants must use five random words raccoon, hollow, sanctuary, star and farm in short stories not to exceed 750 words.

April 29 – December 16, 2011

Sanctuary as a theme in R.D. Lawrence’s life is explored in this exhibition from his war years to founding wildlife sanctuaries in Ontario and how his writing still makes a case today for more wildlife sanctuaries.

Letters to a Mentor
September 10 – December 16, 2011

R.D. Lawrence wrote hundreds of letters but for several young people he also helped to craft their lives as he guided them through school and careers in a heart-warming and inspiring mentorship. This exhibit highlights some of the different letters Lawrence received and how friendships forged through correspondence inspired activism and life changes.

Wed., Nov. 23 at 7 pm at RDLP
Mack, a raccoon running for ruler of the world, chooses as his campaign manager an insurance agent named Harrison and  things heat up as they face the Red Fire Dragon. They learn Hermes Seven Laws of Relativity, how what we are doing on earth is unsustainable and that timing is everything in this adult fantasy. This is Donna Bisschop’s first adult novel and it is professionally published by Dorrance Publishing. Bisschop is known in Haliburton County as a professional fine artist who has done extensive painting with heavy use of native art symbols.  She says writing has always been a natural extension of her creativity. “I write because life is precious, because Spirit moves in mysterious ways, and because magic exists. Our connection to each other as humans, as community and as cognitive thinkers is always my focus whether writing or painting. We all bleed red,” says Donna.

Small Publishers Workshop
Thurs., October 27, 2011
Digital technology and the internet have brought to the publishing industry a bewildering range of possibilities that have opened many new options for writers. Find out what those options are in a workshop lead by Douglas Pugh, a small publisher, and Writer In-residence Ron Evans at R.D. Lawrence Place on October 27 from noon to 2pm. Pugh says at the same time as all these new options are being developed the publishing industry itself – the writer’s marketplace – has to constantly gauge where it is at and how to cope with change. He knows the dilemmas well as the co-owner of a small press, The Right Eyed Deer, based in Haliburton, Ontario. Pugh will explain many of the changes to the marketplace. He is a poet and writer himself too, so he brings experience from the perspective of both the writer and publisher. In a world filled with so many options there is nothing so simple as ‘the right answer’, just the best one for each one of us. Join him at the R.D. Lawrence Place on October 27th, 12 noon until 2pm, and perhaps you will find yours. Workshop cost is $5.

Open House – meet filmmaker Greg DeLiso
Sat., November 5, 2011

Greg DeLiso loved wolves as a child and was captivated by R.D. Lawrence and his work. Lawrence became a mentor, as he did to many people, and he and DeLiso exchanged letters and forged a friendship. DeLiso, now a New York film school graduate has produced a new documentary about R.D. Lawrence and how he lobbied to change attitudes about wolves.  He will be premiering the film at the Haliburton International Film Festival on Sunday, Nov. 6. He will be here on Saturday afternoon, where we invited visitors to see the Letters to A Mentor exhibit, watch a humourous and touching presentation with anecdotes from some of these incredible letters sent to Lawrence. R.D. Lawrence helped his fans all over the world through their correspondence with their lobbying efforts on behalf of wildlife conservation, mentored young people through their post-grad education and early careers, and had a profound impact on their lives. Drop in to the free open house and enjoy the presentation at 4pm.

R.D. Lawrence Biography Film
Sunday, November 6, 2011
Northern Lights Pavilion – Haliburton Highlands Secondary School
A new documentary about how R.D. Lawrence shaped attitudes about wolves will premier at HIFF on Sunday, Nov. 6 at 3pm.  Greg DeLiso produced this remarkable 60-minute documentary drawing from the unique view point of having met R.D. as a child and been mentored by him.  His family had a humorous relationship with the celebrated author, and while threads of that are there, DeLiso takes an insightful look at how wolves have been both feared and admired and why R.D. became such a strong advocate for the wolf. He interviews several local notables such as Peter Schliefenbaum of Haliburton Forest, veterinarian Dr. Brown, former Haliburton Echo editor Martha Perkins and he also makes remarkable use of archive footage of R.D. Lawrence’s televised interviews.  DeLiso will be talking after the screening about the film and his relationship to the Lawrences.

To see the full story of how this documentary came to be, click here. To see the trailer go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=v69U626ptLA&feature.

Can’t make it but want to see the movie? Watch the trailer to see more and then call 705-286-2298 to order your copy.

Frankly Outrageous: A Green Evening with Artist and Activist Franke James
Friday, Nov. 4, 2011  STORY/PRESENTATION    7:00 – 8:30 pm
Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011 Art Workshop 10 am – 1pm
Honest, powerful and funny, that’s award-winning Franke James and her presentation called Frankly Outrageous on Friday, Nov. 4 at 7pm, promises to be all three. James merges science, art and storytelling to inspire people to take action and “do the hardest thing first” for the planet. She uses her skills as an artist, photographer and writer to create visual essays on environmental and social issues. She is the award winning author of Bothered By My Green Conscience and Dear Prime Minister.
The talk is sponsored and presented by Environment Haliburton! (EH!) and is not to be missed by anyone interested in climate change. The talk will be followed up with a Sat., Nov. 5 art workshop called Six Tools For Climate Change Art. James will show you how to create unique and meaningful art using her six tools. James says, if you can’t draw a straight line, all the better! Art (and activism)is NOT about drawing straight lines. It’s about getting the idea out and sharing a point of view.
Scoundrel or War of 1812 hero? Brock’s Agent by Tom Taylor
Friday, Nov. 11, 2011
“A ripping yarn” is what the Globe and Mail has dubbed Tom Taylor’s new book Brock’s Agent.  This fictional tale about a man on the run from a supposed murder he committed while rescuing a girl becomes more than a romance when he is forced to accept a secret mission from General Brock and pose as a fur trader in the midst of the war of 1812.  The book is rich with history and relevance as the 200th anniversary of this battle for North American supremacy nears. Author Tom Taylor,  a war of 1812 historian, turned his passion for this largely ignored chapter of history into a hot new book. Taylor will give a reading and talk about this complex novel and battle that defined our borders.

Memoir Workshop: Voices From Your Past – self-editing
Wed., Nov. 16, 2011

Learn how to fine tune your self-editing. If you would like to join us for pot luck lunch please bring dish of your choice but remember there is no stove here to reheat food.

Poetry As Art Exhibition  – Sanctuary Theme
Friday, August 12 – September 30, 2011
Writer In Residence Ron Evans wrote four poems that he gave to artists Wendy Wood, Laurie O’Reilly, and Doug Pugh. These artists created four paintings based on these poems. Come see the results of this intriguing collaboration.
Ron Mahler’s Book Launch –  My Fanatical, Regrettable Tour Of Ministry
Saturday, October 8, 2011 

My Fanatical, Regrettable Tour of Ministry is the intriguing title of local pastor Ron Mahler’s first book published by Word Alive Press. Mahler will talk about how he came to title his memoir about the 16 years he spent being a “zealous leader who trips landmines in the church” during this book launch. Mahler founded with others the Highland Lakes Community Church in 2007, but has been calling himself a proud Mindenite since moving here with his family in 2003. Originally from Cape Breton, Mahler started out as a commercial artist until he says “God threw a heavenly curveball my way” in the form of a call to ministry. The tribulations of life in the church proved as disastrous for Mahler as they could be rewarding while he battled his way through his first four churches. Hear some of his poignant stories and tales of life for a modern clergyman while enjoying light refreshments at Mahler’s book launch.
Memoir Writing Workshop: characters
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Join professional writer Melody Richardson and a diverse group of writers from beginners to published professionals as they explore how to create “characters with something to say.”  This workshop will focus on how to write believable dialogue while making the people in your memoir three dimensional. Anyone is welcome to drop-in but we encourage registration so we can prepare the room and workshop. Please bring your own writing samples for positive and constructive feedback.
R.D. Lawrence Literary Festival presents Joe Fiorito & Lea Harper
September 12, 2011
Toronto Star Columnist Joe Fiorito is also a celebrated memoir writer, and has published critically acclaimed books. He was recently in May awarded the 2011 Gordon Bell Journalism Award. His razer sharp wit and uncanny insights into humanity have charmed thousands of readers. Lea Harper is an award-winning songwriter and poet who will delight with her new CD and work.  Join us for a dessert and wine in an intimate evening with two Can Lit stars. This event is part of the R.D. Lawrence Literary Festival reading series and Joe’s appearance is sponsored by Arts Alive as part of the Memoir program now running at R.D. Lawrence Place. September 12 is R.D. Lawrence’s birth date and we will be honouring his memory on this evening as well.
Canoe FM Haliburton Reads with Host Greg Roe
July 13 – August, 2011 Wednesdays 6 to 7 pm
R.D. Lawrence Place coordinator Sheryl Loucks will be on Canoe FM as part of a five member panel that will be having a lively discussion about five books each member thinks everyone in the county should read. The show is modeled after the popular CBC segment Canada Reads. Tune in to find out whose book will win over the panel as one book gets eliminated each week. Sheryl will be presending R.D. Lawrence’s Cry Wild. The other books are Water for Elephants, Hominids, Sarah’s Key, and Never Let Me Go. Listeners can call or email in their support of books on the show !
What Is It About That Object Workshop
Saturday, August 20, 2011
Is there an object you own that you would, no matter what, never part with? Have you truly considered why you have such an attachment to this item?

The Agnes Jamieson Gallery is offering a very unique workshop where you bring in your most beloved object, and implementing creative methods using art and writing, bring out the story that connects you to it.

Facilitated by Fay Wilkinson, Rose Pearson and writer-in-resident Ron Evans, this “What is it about that object?” workshop will bring about a final piece of work that will commemorate your treasured object forever. It will explain to others, perhaps your children, why this item is so dear to you.