Planning Documents

The documents and policies which guide planning decisions and the specific regulations which govern what can and can’t be done on specific properties are contained in the documents listed below.

For additional information, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing’s Citizens Guide to Land Use Planning in the Province of Ontario provides an overview of the planning process in the province and how it affects individuals.


A Zoning By-law is a land use planning tool that regulates land uses within the Township. The current Zoning By-law was adopted by Council in 2006, and has had a number of housekeeping and site specific amendments since that time. The Zoning By-law sets out a number of general provisions and also establishes a series of zone categories that regulate permitted uses and site and building regulations. The Zoning By-law works to ensure mutual enjoyment of private property and to implement the land use vision of the Official Plan.

The Township of Minden Hills Comprehensive Zoning By-law Text and Map Schedules can be downloaded using the following links:

The Township has produced a Quick Reference Guide to the Township’s Zoning By-law which addresses most of the frequently asked questions. Even when a building permit is not required, all buildings and structures must comply with the Township’s Zoning By-law.

Zoning Schedules:

The Zoning By-law contains the Schedules listed below which illustrate the zone categories which apply to a specific property.

Minden Hills map of Zoning areas

Schedule 1 Schedule 2 Schedule 3 Schedule 4
Schedule 5 Schedule 6 Schedule 7 Schedule 8
Schedule 9 Schedule 10 Schedule 11 Schedule 12
Schedule 13 Schedule 14 Schedule 15 Schedule 16
Schedule 17 Schedule 18 Schedule 19 Schedule 20
Schedule 21
Minden Village
Schedule 22
Minden Village
Schedule 24 Schedule 25
Gull River and Surrounding Area
(btwn. Minden Village & Gull Lake)
Schedule 26

Consolidated Zoning Schedules (these are large files and may take some time to download):

Figures – Illustration of Zoning By-law definitions:


The Township of Minden Hills Official Plan is a 20-year vision document for how the Township will grow and develop. The Official Plan contains all of the Township’s growth and development goals and objectives. It also sets out land use designations for lands within the municipality, such as residential, commercial, and industrial designations. These categories establish permitted uses and other criteria for development proposed within each land use. The vision set out in the Official Plan is implemented through the Zoning By-law.

All planning decisions made by Township Council must conform with the Official Plan.

Official Plan (text – excluding schedules)


The Trent Source Protection Plan was approved in 2014 pursuant to the Clean Water Act, 2006 with the purpose of implementing a range of actions and policies necessary to keep contaminants out of municipal drinking water sources. The Clean Water Act is one of the Province’s responses to the Walkerton water contamination tragedy and is part of Ontario’s strategy to preserve drinking water from source to tap.

Municipalities are responsible for the regulation of activities that may pose a risk of contaminating drinking water sources (drinking water threats) on a site-specific basis. Source Water Protection Plan policies generally apply to activities located within vulnerable areas associated with surface water Intake Protection Zones (IPZ) or Wellhead Protection Areas (WHPA). Activities within these areas will have a greater impact on Municipal drinking water sources.

The Trent Source Protection Plan can be downloaded using the following link:

Trent Source Protection Plan Updated August 2020

For additional information, please see the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region’s website at:

To determine whether you are located in a vulnerable area which may be subject to policies contained within the Trent Source Protection Plan, please see the Policy Applicability Map