Each year the Minden Hills Cultural Centre offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities.  Businesses and individuals are invited to sponsor an exhibition, community program or event that best represents their business or interests.  Sponsorships are critical to the development and success of the Minden Hills Cultural Centre as a community gathering place that works tirelessly to preserve and illuminate our local culture, art and heritage.

The private/public partnerships forged through these sponsorships is mutually beneficial and represents an investment in the community.  By becoming a Cultural Centre sponsor you are helping to ensure that arts and culture remain an important part of our community and economy.  In return the Cultural Centre offers valuable benefits including recognition in the Cultural Centre newsletter, exhibition catalogues, website and advertising.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Culture Club
Culture Club is cultural programming encompassing art, literature, heritage and the environment for children and youth.  Culture Club is offered over the March Break and in the summer.  Your contribution would help subsidize the cost so that we can keep fees reasonable, making this rich cultural programming accessible to all families in Minden Hills.

Gallery Acquisitions
Contribute to the preservation of a legacy by sponsoring the acquisition of an André Lapine work or other artwork that will enhance the Gallery’s permanent collection.  This also furthers the Gallery’s efforts in illuminating the significance of Haliburton County as a key player in the Canadian Landscape Art world, past and present.

Museum Inprovement Fund
Donations to the Museum Improvement Fund help us to preserve the heritage buildings which make up the Minden Hills Museum.  This supports the museum’s ability to meet the Ontario Museums Association criteria for community museums.

Nature’s Place Exhibitions
Sponsor an exhibition of your choice.  Please see our events and exhibits page for details on upcoming exhibitions.

Please contact the Cultural Centre at 705-286-3763 to find out how you can contribute to the Centre through sponsorship and its associated benefits.