Third Party Advertisers

Third Party Advertisers – New requirements implemented under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

Third Party Advertiser(s) must be formally registered by filing a “Notice of Registration” with the Clerk in the local municipality.

If you advertise in more than one municipality you must register in each local municipality.

Any advertisements that incur an expense which includes, broadcasts, print, electronic or other medium and has a purpose of promoting, supporting or opposing a municipal candidate (Member of Council or School Board Trustee) requires a Third Party Advertiser to be registered.

Advertising that does not cost money to post or broadcast, such as comments made on social media, will not be considered to be third party advertising.

The registration period for filing a “Notice of Registration” begins May 1, 2018 to October 19, 2018 during regular business hours.

The Municipal Elections, Act, 1996 assigns several duties to registered Third Party Advertisers respecting contribution and spending limits, receipts, records, financial filings, return of contributions, anonymous donations and other matters. Third Party Advertisers should familiarize themselves with their duties and obtain professional assistance if required.

Additional information will be updated, on this website, regarding third party advertisers as it becomes available.

Who is Eligible to Register as a Third Party Advertiser?

• An individual who is normally a resident of Ontario;
• A corporation that carries on business in Ontario;
• A trade union that holds bargaining rights for employees in Ontario.

Who is Ineligible to Register as a Third Party Advertiser?

The following persons and entities are deemed ineligible to register:
• A candidate whose nomination has been filed.
• A federal political party registered under the Canada Elections Act or any federal constituency association or registered candidate at a federal election endorsed by that party.
• A provincial political party, constituency association, registered candidate or leadership contestant registered under the Election Finances Act.
• The Crown in right of Canada or Ontario, a municipality or local board.

How Do I Register as a Third Party Advertiser?

Notice for Registration, prescribed Form 5 shall be filed with the Clerk from the first business day of May in 2018 (first day for filing Nominations) to Friday, October 19, 2018 (the Friday before voting day) during regular office hours in the following manner:
• in person or by an agent
• no faxed or other electronically transmitted registration notices will be accepted – original signatures required
• with proof of identity as prescribed in O. Reg. 304/13, as amended
• a resolution from the corporation or trade union that authorizes the person or agent to register on their behalf, if applicable

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