Haliburton County Community Transportation

Haliburton County Transportation Hub Information Poster

Press Release 2016-05-12 Community Announcement

The Haliburton County Community Transportation Hub can help connect you to transportation options that meet your needs so that you can more fully explore, participate in and enjoy life in the Haliburton Highlands. Whether you need a ride to get to an appointment, pick up groceries or attend an event, we can help match you with services that meet your transportation needs. To find transportation options, please visit the website at www.transportationhaliburtoncounty.ca or call 705-455-2665 of Toll Free 1-844-771-RIDE (7433).

Communities in Action – Active Transportation

Based in the Haliburton Highlands in central eastern Ontario, the Communities in Action (CIA) Committee was formed in 2004 to create healthy, active communities by:

  • Promoting the benefits of active transportation in a rural community
  • Advocating for policies and investments that will lead to communities that are designed to support and encourage active transportation
  • Doing research in order to develop an evidence-base for rural active transportation planning and implementation
  • Developing partnerships with multiple sectors in order to build knowledge and capacity around active transportation

Visit them at www.communitiesinaction.ca for more information.